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Anthony Cox

Finance & Performance Specialist




My Story

I started out my career in finance with PwC in the UK more than 15 years ago. I cut my teeth in audit, before moving to Australia and finding my home in the consulting space.

I am a qualified accountant with both CA and ACCA certifications, with a BSc Honours in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University.

I focus on bridging the gap between a finance function and the core operations of a business. Drawing on my broad experience and an unwavering curiosity, I seek to understand the heart of client challenges and achieve results.

I'm recognised for my ability to decipher complex problems in a rapid timeframe, and consult across an organisation to design effective solutions. I pride myself on being known as the accountant that comes out from behind the spreadsheet to lead projects and workshops, and I'm passionate about delivering long term change.

I have a constant attention to detail that shines through whether I'm developing performance dashboards, or executive presentations; no detail is too small to ensure the right message is being heard or correct decision is being made.

If you're wondering what the Hourglass Woodwork thing is all about, then head over and check out my other passion for furniture making. A hobby that became a profession (and then a hobby again) - helping balance my creative juices and keep my mental health in check.

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